GCS Cloud ERP, EMR and HIS Free Trial

GCS offers 7 days trial period for the cloud ERP, EMR and HIS to be evaluated and tested, during trial period you can use the system fully without any restriction. No payment required. No credit card required

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Frequently Asked Questions

During trial period can I get support for my cloud ERP?
Yes, you will get basic support.
Is there any commitment during trial period?
Is there any limitation on using the ERP during trial period?
No, there is no difference between trial cloud ERP and paid cloud ERP.
Can I change the subdomain name to something else?
Yes, you can change the domain name at any time.
What happens after my trial period finish?
You will receive an email for electronic payment instruction to keep using the cloud ERP if you satisfied with it.
What payment methods are you using?
GCS uses Stripe to accept payments over the Internet, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, credit and debit cards.
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